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3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing  technology is now new, however, it is getting better day by day. New technologies based on

3D printing objects and animations like immersive technology and 3D printing etc are emerging. In this

article, we’ll explain what is 3D printing, how this new technology works, and what are its uses.



Printing technology is very is not new, however, the ways of printing are constantly modernizing. Conventional printers use some materials, most probably ink, to provide the output. But, 3D printers are entirely different from regular printers. 3D printers use a variety of materials and give different outputs. This new 3D printing technique is getting popular all over the world.


3D Objects

In past, there were just 2D drawings and animations. However, after the invention of 3D

technology, people began to use it in movies, video games, logos, etc. A 3D object has 3

dimensions (thus it has the name 3D) while drawings and pictures only have 2 dimensions.

Modern immersive technologies are allowing us to experience, interact and even play with these

3D models. AR and VR technologies are some of the most innovative use of 3D objects and

animations available at this time.


3D printer

People are widely using 3D technology in digital forms, but it is now possible to physically print

these objects by using a 3D printer. Conventional printers are just able to print 2D images or

drawings but 3D printers can print an object in 3D form.

A 3D printer works by constantly laying the layers of material used in it until the structure of the object completes. Graphite, carbon fiber, and even metal can act as a material in a 3D printer.


Uses of 3D Printer

The 3D objects printed using printers have many useful uses. These printers are being widely used

in the construction and medical industries. People can use these objects to build miniature

models and examine their structures in 3D form. You can also print toys by yourself using a 3D



Uses of 3D Printers in the Medical Field

Medical students can closely examine the 3D objects of vital human organs printed using a

3D printer and learn them. They help experts and surgeons to plan and prepare medical surgeries

Moreover, with the help of these objects, patients can also learn about the issues they are facing

in their organs.


Advantages of 3D Printers

Some advantages of 3D printers include cost-efficient and time-saving training and planning.

3D printers can print essential construction objects which can help engineers to understand the

structures of buildings, dams, towers, etc and they can figure out the strength or weaknesses of

these architectures. This can save a lot of time for engineers and help them make strong


In the medical field, 3D objects from 3D printers can help doctors and surgeons closely

examine the patient’s vital organs. these objects can save time in understanding

and planning operations or surgeries. It can also decrease the risk of wrong surgeries and save

the crucial time of the patient as well.
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