Asthma is one of the most common and long-term diseases that can affect the health of children. However, it can affect adults as well. Asthma is a kind of disease that affects the functioning of your lungs. In a person affected by asthma, the airways get narrowed or inflamed. The narrowed or inflamed airways make it very difficult to breathe because they block or disturb the flow of air in them.


There are several symptoms of asthma. Some of them include breathing problems, cough, chest pain, walking at night, wheezing, etc.

Causes of Asthma

Some common causes of asthma include allergens such as dust mites etc. Asthma can also be caused by pollutants spread in the environment. Some health conditions, like respiratory infections, can also cause asthma.

Treatment for Asthma

Researchers and experts are still trying to find a reliable cure for asthma. However, some of the main treatments that can help a patient with asthma feel better include inhalers. Inhalers help the patient to breathe in the medicine. Medicines like tablets might be required as well if your asthma is severe.

How to Avoid Asthma

You can try to avoid asthma in the following ways. First of all, quit smoking. Smoking can seriously damage your lungs and airways which can trigger asthma. Leaving smoking can be very beneficial for avoiding asthma. You should also avoid secondhand smoking as well.

Secondly, wear a mask to avoid inhaling allergens and pollution. Especially when you are driving in traffic, painting, or doing construction work. You should also consult with a doctor to get full information about asthma.

Another way to improve your health is by exercising regularly. Exercising regularly helps you to improve the functioning of your lungs which can significantly help to control the symptoms of asthma. It also helps to make the immune system stronger which can help you to avoid diseases like viruses and colds. These diseases are some of the major causes of asthma attacks.

Foods to Avoid in Asthma

You should get a proper diet plan to avoid triggering asthma. However, we’ll provide you with a rough estimate of what foods you should avoid if you are suffering from asthma.

Eggs, avoid them because they can have allergic reactions which can trigger asthma. Moreover, after consuming eggs, your body can produce antibodies to the egg protein. These antibodies can cause some symptoms of asthma like wheezing or breathing issues. Some other foods that can also trigger asthma include soy, fish, peanuts, etc.

Asthma Affects more in Winter

The cold wind that flows in winter is dry. This dry air can irritate your airways and can trigger symptoms of asthma. To avoid this, you should cover your mouth and nose from cold air. You should immediately use an inhaler if symptoms started to appear. Try to avoid going outside if the weather is too cold or the wind is flowing. Try to get a flu vaccine as soon as possible because flu attacks more often in the winter season.
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