Big Data and Analytics

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Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics

Big data is helping many large companies and organizations in increasing their growth rate. Bis data is a huge amount of data, collected by any possible means. We are also using a good amount of data daily and companies and governments can use this data to improve their services. We’ll give you some information about big data in this article.
Big Data and Analytics

What is Big Data

As its name suggests, big data refers to the term that involves huge amounts of data that humans cannot count. We use different forms of data regularly and large hard drives are storing the information of this data. This includes uploading data, downloading data, streaming, use of GPS, and much more.

Use of Big Data

Large companies and organizations are using big data to improve and increase their sales. Governments are using this huge amount of data as well. You can understand the basic use of big data from the following article.

Suppose you wanted to open a restaurant but don’t know what kind of food is popular in this city. In such circumstances, you can solve this problem by using big data. Big data will provide you with the relevant searches or traveling data of the public and users can use it to make your menu accordingly.

Data Analytics

Data analytics involves the process of finding and examining trends from structured data.

Use of Big Data and Analytics in the Medical Field

Big Data and Analytics have a lot of uses in the medical field. Healthcare experts can use big data to find the information about use and expiration of drugs. They can also use this information to find information about doctors and nurses. Moreover, experts can use this data to get information about patients. Experts can also research different diseases and their spread using big data.
Big Data and Analytics

Advantages of Big Data

If you are using big data for your business then you can enjoy several advantages. You can compete in the market by knowing about the latest prices and trends in your city or country. Companies can use big data to increase their efficiency, decrease their prices, and employ the right personnel at the right place.

Disadvantages of Big Data

Though big data has a list of advantages, it has some downsides too. Using big data can increase the risk of cyber attacks. It can also endanger the privacy of people. Using big data requires you to store it first and storing big data can be very expensive.

Some Issues with Big Data

The amount of big data is constantly increasing at a very fast rate which is becoming more difficult to analyze. This big and increasing amount of big data is a growing challenge for companies. First is veracity, which means that companies are unable to accurately analyze this data. An increasing volume of big data is further making it difficult. This big amount of data has a lot of varieties which creates a challenge to separate them. Last but not least, The velocity of data is increasing because the number of users and devices is also constantly rising.
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