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Brain Injury

Brain Injury

What is Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury are two different types of brain injuries. These injuries can create difficulties for people who are suffering from brain injuries, and for their family members as well. Symptoms of brain injury include physical symptoms, difficulties in thinking and learning, changes in motor skills like walking or running, vision, hearing, etc.

How Brain Injuries Happen

Traumatic brain injury, TBI in short, happens due to a strong blow or jolt to the head or body. There are two types of traumatic brain injury, closed brain injury, and penetrating brain injury. Some objects that can penetrate the skull and goes to the brain tissues like a bullet or shattered piece of the skull can cause traumatic brain injuries as well. A mild traumatic brain injury may cause temporarily affect the brain cells.

Acquired brain injury, also known as non-traumatic brain injury, refers to brain injuries that are caused after birth. This type of injury is caused by internal issues. Acquired brain injury, API in short, can be caused by diseases, blow to the head, alcohol, drugs, oxygen deprivation, etc.

Treatment for Brain Injuries

To treat acquired brain injury, a combination of treatments includes medication and rehabilitation. Traumatic brain injury can be treated by counseling, surgery to treat internal bleeding in the brain, rehabilitation, rest, etc.

How to Avoid Brain Injuries

As brain injuries happen due to damage to the brain and the brain is found in the head, you must protect your head. Wearing a good-quality helmet while riding a bike is important. Seatbelts can also reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries in case of an accident. To prevent acquired brain injury, you should avoid the misuse of drugs and alcohol. In case of the appearance of symptoms, you should consult with an expert immediately.

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