Brain Tumor and Its Treatment

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Brain Tumor and Its Treatment

Brain Tumor and Its Treatment

A lot of people die from brain tumors annually. However, it is possible to treat this disease in several different ways. Different treatments are available for some brain tumors but researchers are still trying to figure out a reliable treatment for others as well. We’ll explain what is it and its treatment in this blog.


A brain tumor is a cell that grows abnormally in your brain. There are many types of brain tumors but two major categories include noncancerous and cancerous. Cancerous brain tumor cells can grow and spread in different parts of the brain. These cancer cells can damage these brain parts which can affect their functioning. Brain tumor increases the pressure on the skull which can cause serious health problems and even death.

How it can be Dangerous

Brain tumors can block the flow of fluid in your brain which can cause a significant increase in pressure on your skull. It can cause cancer cells to spread which can even cause death. Brain tumors can damage the healthy parts of your brain and can even spread in it. Researchers are still trying to find treatment for some brain tumor types which can cause death or serious health issues.


Brain tumors have some specific symptoms. One of the first symptoms of a this includes a headache. This headache can change its patterns and becomes more severe. Another common symptom is vomiting. Vomiting happens due to the increase of fluid pressure on the brain. A brain tumor can even affect vision due to the pressure on vision nerves in the brain. Some other brain tumor symptoms like weakness, paralysis, or changes in behavior or memory are also notable.


Scientists and experts have not yet found a cure for this. However, it is possible to treat some of them. There are several ways of treating a brain tumor, but surgery is the most common among all them. In  surgery, a neurosurgeon tries to remove the tumor from your brain by opening the skull. A neurosurgeon may try to remove the tumor completely or can also reome it partially if there is a risk of damage to vital brain tissues. Another treatment for brain tumors is chemotherapy. As some brain tumors are cancerous, chemotherapy works by stopping the growth of cancer cells. In chemotherapy, an anti-cancer drug works by destroying cancer cells. It can circulate in the entire body through blood streamlines. However, it is not very effective but can be used with other  treatments.

Latest Treatment 

Radiotherapy is currently the latest treatment available for a brain tumor. Radiation therapy works by damaging cancer cells. Radiation damages the DNA of cancer cells which can kill them or stop them from growing. Radiotherapy is very effective for removing them in their early stages. Scientists and researchers are still trying to find more treatments for a brain tumors as well.
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