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Obesity and Overweight Obesity and overweight are two terms with the same meaning. If your body contains an abnormal or excessive amount of fat then you are overweight. If the fat inside your body is greater than a specific limit then you are obese. Obesity is a serious issue and it can also cause several diseases and even death. Difference Differentiating overweight and obese is not diff...

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The world is changing rapidly and new technologies (like IoMT) are appearing on the regular basis. We are using many of these technologies to make our lives easy. The purpose of IoT (Internet of Things) is to make our lives even easier than before. We’ll explain in detail what is the Internet of Medical things, but first, you need to understand what is the Internet of things....

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Hearing the name of this topic, you might be wondering what is insulin resistance. In, this topic we’ll explain clearly what it is and how it happens.To understand the concept of insulin resistance, you must know what is insulin and what it does, and how to avoid it. What is Insulin Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancrea...

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Commonly spread misinformation and myths about diabetes. so in this video we decided to tackle some of those myths and try to find out if there was an actual truth behind them.   5 common myths about diabetes.   Myth 1: People with diabetes can’t eat sugar. This is one of the most common diabetes myths; that people with the condition have to eat a sugar-free diet. While eat...

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