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An allergy happens when your immune system reacts to certain substances that are usually harmless to people. There can be different causes of allergic reactions. It happens when your immune system identifies a substance as dangerous, despite being harmless, and creates antibodies that attack these substances.  Allergies can be hereditary, which means they can be transferred from one generation to...

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Chronic diseases are a class of diseases that can last for a very long time. Some chronic diseases, whose treatments are still under development, can last with patients for the rest of their life. However, it is possible to control or treat chronic diseases through medication and changes in lifestyle. Chronic diseases may have minor or unnoticeable symptoms in the beginning, but, they can be very...

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The immunity of an adult person decreases over time. A decreasing immunity means an increased risk of falling into diseases. This means that old individuals are more vulnerable to illnesses. These illnesses can be mild, serious, or can be deadly as well. This makes older people take some necessary precautions to live a healthy life. Stay at Home...

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Human development is causing serious climatic issues due to Environmental Pollution. Environmental Pollution  is not just dangerous for the climate but for our health as well. The ozone layer is depleting, global temperatures are rising and glaciers are melting. There are many factors behind it, but the biggest of them is increasing pollution. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of p...

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A child with good health enjoys a high chance of achieving success. Health of children matters a lot as it helps them to stay active and strong when they grow up. Children of small ages have higher risks of falling into diseases, so, parents have to be very careful regarding the good health of their children. In this article, we’ll give you some tips that can be very beneficial for the health of...

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3D printing  technology is now new, however, it is getting better day by day. New technologies based on 3D printing objects and animations like immersive technology and 3D printing etc are emerging. In this article, we’ll explain what is 3D printing, how this new technology works, and what are its uses.   Printers...

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Every year, we see new technologies which can help humans to live more comfortably. In recent years, scientists and researchers have made significant technological advancements in the medical field as well. Experts are constantly thinking and experimenting to find different ways to treat their patients. In this article, we’ll state and explain some of the biggest technological advancements in th...

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Coffee is the drink that kickstarts many of us every day, and it has real health benefits too. But if you're drinking too much, is coffee bad for you? EatingWell looks at the...

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