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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the use of storage, information, software and databases, and much more. However, it is a bit different as it allows us to use all these services online. It is one of the most emerging technologies all around the world and its purpose is to give us access to useful online services, anytime and everywhere. We’ll explain some features and uses of cloud computing in this article.
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In cloud computing, we can use storage, software, databases, etc online. It also connects us with useful online services. With this example, you can understand how cloud computing works.

Suppose you are looking to store some of your videos but you don’t have a portable storage device. In such cases, you can store these files on an online storage service like Google Drive, etc. Another important point is that you can now access these files from any device that can access your google drive account.

Uses in Medical Field

It is playing a vital role in the medical field. Healthcare departments can store, manage and access all of their data through cloud computing. It also helps doctors to access crucial data of patients in very less time. It can improve the overall infrastructure of healthcare departments. Besides healthcare, there are a lot of departments as well who are using it.


There are a lot of advantages of cloud computing in every relevant field. One of the biggest advantages in this regard is the accessibility of data. A department that uses cloud computing can give access to important data available on the department’s server. This saves a lot of time for employees and they can access it from anywhere.

It significantly reduces the risk of loss of crucial data. Suppose you store your files in a portable device like a memory card or USB. Once losing your USB or memory card, you’ll lose your data either. However, if you store your data on a cloud storage service then you can access your data through any device and can download it anytime you want.


No doubt cloud it has a lot of advantages in terms of accessibility but it has some significant concerns as well. One of the biggest disadvantages of cloud computing, like all other information technology-related services, is privacy. If you are storing your data on cloud storage services then it can be stolen by hackers. Moreover, cloud computing requires a good internet connection all the time. Without the internet, we can not access online software or download our files from cloud storage services.
Data computing


It is an emerging technology all over the world but it has some limitations as well. Talking about the positive uses then cloud computing is revolutionizing the world of information technology. It can make our lives more comfortable with the remarkable features it is providing to us. It helps us to stay connected with useful internet services all the time.
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