Causes and Dangers of Cough

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Causes and Dangers of Cough

Causes and Dangers of Cough


A cough is an action of your body that helps you to clear your airways from mucus, dust or smoke, etc. Cough is very important for our body as it helps us to breathe properly and clean our airways as well. However, it can also be triggered by some diseases, so it can be the initial signs of an illness. There are 4 different types of cough, wet cough, dry cough, paroxysmal cough, and croup cough. Each of them has its reasons and treatments.

Causes of Cough

There are several causes of cough, they can be normal or serious. One of the most common reasons behind the cough is postnasal drip. Allergens are also a major cause of cough. Your body can send a signal to cough to exclude the amount of extra mucus from your body. You can cough in case of an infection like a cold or flu.

Asthma also causes continuous cough. If you are experiencing a cough for more than three weeks then you should get an appointment with a physician. Another cause of cough can be a lung infection like pneumonia as well. Some other diseases can also cause cough.

Dangers of Ignoring Cough

Ignoring the cough can be very dangerous. Cough can be the initial symptom of some long-term and very serious diseases like asthma, viral infections, etc. If your cough is longer than 3 weeks then immediately get to your doctor. Coughing for a long time can damage the lungs which can cause even more coughing. Ignoring cough for longer makes your body weak which can lead to sleeplessness, headaches, vomiting ad even broken ribs.

Treatments of Cough

Although the diseases which cause the cough to happen to have to be treated first to remove the coughing of a person, you can try some of the following ways mentioned here to help yourself feel comfortable.You can get prescribed medicines by your physician to recover from a cough.
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You can drink relevant fluids that can help you to thin the mucus in your throat. Honey is one of the best things that can help you to get rid of a cough. Avoiding the use of tobacco can be very beneficial if you are suffering from a cough. Dry cough can be treated by inhaling moisturized air.

Foods to Avoid or Eat in Cough

Avoiding some specific diets can help treat a cough. Although taking or avoiding different foods may not treat a cough completely, they might be helpful in the overall treatment of a cough. Some food you should avoid dring coughing include avocados, mushrooms, strawberries, dry fruits, etc.

Coughing doesn’t just mean leaving out some foods, it also requires to eat some as well. These foods include honey, ginger, lemon, pineapple, turmeric, etc.


Cough can be caused by some normal allergies or illnesses. But, it can be caused by some long-term and dangerous diseases as well. If you are suffering from constant coughing for a long time then it is better to consult with a physician.
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