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Digestion By Enzymes | Organic Chemistry | Chemistry | FuseSchool

Digestion By Enzymes | Organic Chemistry | Chemistry | FuseSchool

Digestion By Enzymes | Organic Chemistry | Chemistry | FuseSchool

In this video we examine the process of digesting our food. We shall see how biological catalysts called enzymes break these food molecules apart and why they are necessary.

Think of our food molecules as a train of trucks all coupled together. Digestion disconnects the trucks so we can re-assemble them in our own way.

The breaking takes place by hydrolysis โ€“ a reaction where water is added and breaks the link. Letโ€™s look at the simplified reaction for each of the foods we eat:

Starch is a polymer of simple sugars which are joined by a glycosidic link Cโ€“O-C . When water is added the link breaks.

Proteins are polymers of amino acids are joined in by the amide C-O-N-C link. Water breaks the chain into separate amino acids.

The nucleotides in the DNA double helix are joined by phosphate groups. Water breaks the link.

In the same way fats are hydrolysed into glycerol and fatty acid, such as stearic acid used in soap making! Water breaks the link

Once our food is digested into monomers the molecules are small enough to get though the walls of our gut and into our blood ready to be used as fuel (sugars, fats and oils ) or to build up our own proteins and DNA.

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  • Posted on May 19, 2015 at 16:38 pm

    Excellent description of how enzymes work. Thank you.

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    Fascinating.. I have always have been curious how it all works. Thank you as well.

  • Posted on Feb 04, 2016 at 07:46 am

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    Pepsin is probably the anomaly as it doesn't follow the 'ase' rule. Really good video though.

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  • Posted on Oct 11, 2017 at 07:39 am

    What can you do if your body isn't producing these enzymes like it should?

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  • Posted on Feb 01, 2018 at 02:06 am

    Note: the roughage is also called villi

  • Posted on Feb 01, 2018 at 02:07 am

    Ptyalin is in the mouth while Amylasin is in the small intestine and they both break down carbohydrates.. Now that's the difference

  • Posted on Feb 23, 2018 at 02:01 am

    Still dont get it chemical reaction are used to combine two substance to produce new substance but how chemical reaction occur in digestion when they are used to breakdown foods? Answer me pls

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    very useful! Thank you very much!

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