Common Diseases in Children

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Common Diseases in Children

Common Diseases in Children

Different diseases are common at different ages. However, children are usually more vulnerable to several illnesses because they have a weak and under-development immunity system. Some illnesses in children are so common that almost everyone has experienced them at least once in life. Sometimes these diseases are left to treat on behalf of the body. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the most common illnesses that can be seen in children all over the world.

Chicken Pox

Almost everyone had faced chickenpox at least once in childhood. It is highly contagious, which means it can spread from one person to others. Varicella-zoster is a virus that is responsible for this infection. It can spread through direct contact with the rashes or by inhaling droplets from infected people. Chickenpox usually does not require treatment and it is allowed to eradicate itself over time, in healthy children.


Cold is very usual in people of every age. It is also a viral infection that spreads through inhaling the germs from people already suffering from it. Some common homemade remedies can be helpful to finish off the symptoms of a cold. People, including children, usually take several days to fully recover from it.

Ear Infection

Although ear infections can affect adults, it mostly affects children. It is an infection of the middle ear that has several symptoms. These symptoms include pain inside the ear, the feeling of fullness in the ear, fever, nausea, vomiting, etc. ENT specialists usually prescribe ear droplets and tablets to heal this kind of infection, however, it is important to get a consultancy first.


It is an infection that is common in infants and young children. Bronchiolitis is a kind of infection that affects the lungs and result in inflammation and congestion in small airways. Some of the methods of reducing its symptoms include droplets to clear the nose and drinking enough water.


Croup is a childhood condition that causes a cough with a distinctive sound. It can also cause difficulty in breathing. Croup is a condition that affects the windpipes which are airways to the lungs and voice box. It can be contagious as well, but, for a small duration of time. To reduce its symptoms, children should take some rest, breathe in humidified air, skip cold medicines, drink good fluids, etc.


Diarrhea is vomiting that includes the forceful discharge of contents in the stomach and it is very common in children. There are four types of this vomiting, watery, malabsorption, and inflammatory. Though it is recommended to drink a lot of fluids during diarrhea and low-fiber foods, it is better to consult with a physician first.


Fever is very common in people of all ages. It is very usual in every age, but, it can be caused by some serious diseases as well. A good, strong immunity, and exercise might be very helpful to stay healthy and feel free of fever. However, there are several ways to treat fever. Low to mild fever can be cured by itself.
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