Mehmood Ahmed

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About Mehmood Ahmed

Dr. Mehmood Ahmed is gastroenterologist in Ali Medical Clinic.

Dr. Mahmood Ahmed is a very well regarded Gastroenterologist and has a number of certifications under his belt, including MBBS, MCPS and FCPS as well as 12 years of experience in his field. Dr. Mahmood Ahmed is capable of providing a diverse array of treatments and services including Acute Diseases, Chest infections management, Constipation Treatment, Diabetes Management, Digestive and Metabolic Problems, Gastroscopy, Hepatitis A, B, C, Peg Tube Placement and Sleep and Fatigue Problems. He is also very punctual, so his patients only have to wait Under 15 Min for their consultations. These patients were particularly impressed by the doctor checkup, staff behaviour and clinic environment.


  • Gastroenterologist / Gastro / Stomach Hospital


  • 12 years   


  • MBBS  

  • MCPS  

  • FCPS  

Prices/Services List

Acute Diseases

Constipation Treatment

Diabetes Management

Digestive and Metabolic Problems


Hepatitis A, B, C

Sleep and Fatigue Problems

Peg Tube Placement

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