Dr. Rahat Ullah Khattak

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About Dr. Rahat Ullah Khattak

Dr. Rahat Ullah Khattak is a United Kingdom trained Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon who owns and manages Khattak Clinic (Specialization in dermatology, cosmetic surgeries and the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. It is a well established clinic with practice experience spanning over the last 35 years) in Islamabad, Pakistan.



  • Dermatologist /Skin Specialist


  • Dermatologist/ Cosmetic surgeon  (Jun, 1988 - Jun, 2024)

    Khattak Clinic

  • Principal in General Practice and Clinical Assistant in Dermatology  (Jun, 1983 - Jun, 1988)

    Royal Hallamshire Hospital,UK


  • MBBS  (Jun, 1967 - Jun, 1972)

    Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan

  • M.R.C.S  (Jun, 1985 - Jun, 1985)

    The Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK.

  • L.R.C.P  (Jun, 1985 - Jun, 1985)

    The Royal College of Physicians, London, UK

  • D.DSc  (Jun, 1985 - Jun, 1986)

    Cardiff University, UK

  • Dip.Ven  (Jun, 1986 - Jun, 1986)

    University of Liver pool, UK

  • M.R.C.G.P  (Jun, 1987 - Jun, 1987)

    Royal College of General Practitioners, London

Prices/Services List

Scar removal

Hair restoration

Botox and fillers

Dental extractions


Laser hair removal

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