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The use of Drugs is the most common thing nowadays and also one of the most dangerous issues. Many people including youngsters, teenagers, children, aged people, and even old ones are involved in the use of them nowadays.

This is an important issue that is affecting and weakening our youth. They are dangerous to our health in every stage of our life at any age point.
They all are slowly killings us. SomeĀ  are very poisonous in that they affect our bodies after a single use. Some affect us slowly which works as slow poison. Mostly of them are very addictive and a person gets addicted to them after use one or two times.
Some are very poisonous and a person gets heavily addicted after a single use.

Once they get addicted,
Most people feel uncomfortable, unconscious, and very low when they did not dose their drugs. This Drug addiction affects their as private as well as social life, they affect their studies, business, social gatherings, and even their personal life badly.
Driving after the use of drugs increases road accidents. Which is not only dangerous to the person who is driving but also for the citizens.

The use of them also affects our health badly and results in organ damage which mainly includes the heart, kidneys, and lungs. This increases the ratio of heart failure and ratio of kidney failure. Leaving them can be difficult but not impossible.
Quitting light drugs is easy just we have to control them when we need them we can easily quit them by controlling ourselves. many treatments are available for heavy drug addiction.

Watch short-term and long-term effects. Drug effects can destroy your physical and psychological health. Watch all videos about drugs on

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