Ebola Virus

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Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus

There are several diseases whose treatments are still under development in laboratories. The Ebola virus is one of them. It is very common in regions of the west and sub-Saharan Africa. The Ebola Virus Disease or in simple words, EVD appeared in 1976 and it has caused several outbreaks until now. Researchers are finding treatments for ebola, but, it is still possible to recover from this disease. The latest outbreak of this virus has been reported in Uganda. In this article, we’ll explain how ebola spreads, what are the latest developments regarding this virus, and how to avoid it.


Ebola is a virus that causes fever and severe internal bleeding. It is a type of virus that causes extreme inflammation and damages the tissue in the body. It affects the clotting system of the body which can lead to internal bleeding. It is a type of disease that can even cause death.

How Ebola Spread

It is known that the ebola viruswas caught by wild animals. Now, it can spread from human to human through the fluids of the human body. It spreads by getting contact with the saliva, blood, vomit, etc, of a person, who is already suffering from ebola fever.

Symptoms of Ebola

There are several symptoms of ebola. First of all, it causes fever. It attacks the immune system which can make it very weak. Ebola causes pain and aches in muscles and joints. Severe headache is also a symptom of it. It makes the body weak and also causes a sore throat. Moreover, it also causes loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Outbreak of Ebola

One of the biggest ebola outbreaks began in 2014 in West Africa. It started to spread from southeastern Guinea to rural settings. From there, it spread from urban areas and then, to the borders. Within a few months, it became a global epidemic. Since its emergence in 1976, most outbreaks have happened in the Republic of Congo.

The Outbreak of Ebola in Uganda

One of the latest outbreaks of the Ebola Virus is reported in different areas of Uganda. Currently, the outbreak has been declared as ended. Some deaths have been reported while some have also been reported to be recovered.

Cure for Ebola

Scientists are currently trying to figure out the treatments for the ebola virus. Vaccines and drug therapies are still under development. However, patients suffering from the ebola virus have to be admitted to intensive care and quarantine. People suffering from ebola have an issue of dehydration. So, essential fluids can be given to the patients through veins.

How to Avoid Ebola

As researchers are still trying to find an effective cure for ebola in form of vaccines and drugs, It is better to keep patients in quarantine. Avoiding any kind of fluid in the human body can help people to stay safe from this disease. In most cases, people who have recovered from the ebola virus have a very low risk of falling into this disease again.
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