Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a general term that is used when food is unavailable for people. Food insecurity is classified into three major types. Chronic food insecurity refers to the unavailability of food for a long time. Transitory food insecurity means that food is unavailable but for a short duration. Last, of all, seasonal food insecurity is usual in different parts of the world.

Why It Happens

There is a list of reasons why food insecurity happens in different parts of the world.Long-term food insecurity mainly happens due to unemployment and poverty. People who are unable to earn and can not grow their crops usually have to face this problem. Those who can grow their crops can also face food insecurity when drought usually lasts longer. Low-income countries can import only limited amounts of wheat or other food items which creates the risk of insecurity for their populations. Some natural disasters like floods can also create the risk of food insecurity for local people and even for the whole country.

Areas suffering from the food insecurity

Different areas around the world are suffering from the insecurity of food. Most of these areas include African countries. Madagascar, Chad, Haiti, the Republic of Congo, Liberia, and many other parts of the world are facing the issues of food insecurity.

Food Insecurity in Pakistan

Recent floods in Pakistan have created serious economic issues for Pakistan. The crops were destroyed due to the flood water which created the risk of food insecurity for a large population. The financial crisis of Pakistan is also a factor behind the increased risk of the unavailability of food because the country doesn’t have enough resources to feed its population for longer on imported food items.

How to Avoid Food Insecurity

Everyone has to play their individual and collective role to finish off the insecurity of food in the world. People who generate a lot of profit can help poor people around them by providing free food for these people. On a country-wide scale, governments of high-income countries can help poor countries by providing food aid to poor countries. Researchers and experts can find new and efficient ways of harvesting in poor countries which will provide food as well as employment to poor people. Many developing countries are not able to control poverty and food insecurity due to corruption. Controlling corruption allows the tax of the people to be utilized for the right purpose.


Food insecurity is one of the biggest crises even in this century. Different developing nations of the world are still suffering from the unavailability of food while the rich and developed countries are involved in other issues. The world has to come to a single table to completely eradicate the poverty and insecurity of food. We can also play our parts on an individual level to remove the insecurity of food by feeding poor and hungry people around us. Everyone should keep their near and dear people in mind and help them on a priority basis.

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