Genetic engineering

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Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering

Nodoubt, science is getting more modern and better with each passing day. The usage of some of the most modern technologies can be seen in the medical field.Genetic engineering is alsoamong some of the biggest advancements in modern medical technology. It involves making changes in the DNA of an organism, however, it may have some side effects too so we should be careful and ethically use these technologies to prevent their negative use. In this article, we’ll explain what is genetic engineering, how it began, and what are its uses.


In 1973, biochemists Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen laid the foundation of genetic engineering by inserting the DNA of one bacteria into another. The purpose of genetic engineering was to make insulin to treat patients suffering from diabetes. Today, genetic engineering has a lot of uses in industries and medical fields.

How it Works

First of all, we should know that genes are made up of DNA. These genes contain codes that make proteins.As we know, genetic engineering involves changes in the DNA of an organism. In the first step, DNA fragments (genes) are isolated from one organism. This organism is known as a donor. Then the isolated DNA fragment (gene) is then attached to another DNA organism. These modified organisms can be referred to as Genetically Modified Organisms or simply GMOs.


We’ll explain to you how scientists are using this engineering with the help of an example of glofish. Glofish is an example of genetic engineering in which the color of a fish changes genetically. A glofishis just like a normal fish but with a different color. The glowing color of glofish is a result of the insertion of a fluorescent gene from jellyfish and sea anemones into the eggs of tropical fishes like zebra danios.


itgenetic engineering can work on many living things. We can use genetic engineering for agriculture, medicine, research, and industrial purposes. Plant breeders can use this engineering to introduce new types of plants. These plants can be resistant to pests and diseases. However, it’s also a disadvantage as the insect population is reducing rapidly and without these crops or plants, their population can reduce much more quickly.

Uses in Medical

It is playing the most vital role in the medical field. They are helping scientists and researchers to develop vaccines, medicines, insulin, etc. Before the invention of genetic engineering, people have to use insulin from animals to survive the disease of diabetes. Animal insulin had several side effects on the human body. After the introduction of genetic engineering, the chances of survival of patients suffering from diabetes are now significantly high.

Ethical use

Although scientists have made significant technological advancements in the field of medical sciences, we should not forget that everything has some moral and social values. We should positively use these technologies and prevent any negative uses to keep ourselves and others safe.
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