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About Helios Hospital

Helios Berlin-Buch belongs to the clinics with the highest level of provided services — all existing areas of medicine are represented here. The hospital has more than 70 departments with a strong infrastructure. In 2019, 9 doctors of the clinic were included in the ranking of the best doctors in Germany. It is noteworthy that all 9 are from different departments. It is the high qualification of doctors with different specializations that allows the clinic team to have an interdisciplinary approach and to find the best solutions in the most difficult situations.

The clinic has more than a century of history, which began with an oncology center. The main achievements of Berlin-Buch are still associated with oncology. The recovery rate in most departments is consistently higher than the national average rate, and the departments of oncohematology and neurosurgery are among the best in Europe. In addition to its strong infrastructure, the clinic has a renowned staff team - Professors Kiwit, Glass and other world-famous doctors conduct both their practical and scientific activities here. At the Hematology Center, under the guidance of Professor, MD, Bertram Glass, the latest methods of treating leukemia are used. Over 200 successful bone marrow transplantations are performed annually under the supervision of Professor Glass.



  • Cancer Oncology Hospital
  • Cardiac Heart Hospital
  • Echo-Cardiography
  • Emergency (24/7)
  • General Medicine Hospital
  • Neurology Hospitals
  • Orthopedic Hospital
  • Skin/Dermatology Hospital

Prices/Services List


Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Ultrasound of the brain-supplying arteries

ECG at rest and under strain


Skin cancer screening | Dermatoscopy*

Skin screening | thinning microscopy

Orthopedic examination*

Vaccination advice



ENT specialist examination *

Eye test

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