How Terrorism Affects Mental Health

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How Terrorism Affects Mental Health

Terrorism not just inflicts physical damage to the people and the country but also does a negative impact on the mental health of people as well. Some people can even use terrorism to inflict physical and mental damage on others while some can use it for purpose of propaganda. In this article, we’ll try to explain what mental issues people can face due to terrorism.


One of the most common reasons behind terrorism is generating fear factor in people’s minds. Fears can further cause phobias and make people feel insecure. This fear not just causes mental but also physical issues on a countrywide scale. Terrorism can destroy the economy of a country by keeping foreign investors from investing in such a state, city, or country. These economic issues can inflict a state of depression in minds of citizens.


A country suffering from terrorism has to face a lot of economic issues. These economic issues can lead to depression. Moreover, the loss of the economy means the loss of jobs and business opportunities. The loss of a job or business can lead to depression and this depression can lead to long-term mental health issues. Those who have lost their family and friends can suffer from extreme mental depression.

Mental disturbance

People can also suffer from mental disturbance due to terrorism. These people mostly include children. Those people who have experienced incidents related to terrorism can suffer from trauma that can be lasting for the rest of their life. These kinds of mental disturbances can affect their lives and family relations. People like these require a lot of care and good medical treatment to recover from these mental disturbances.


Stress is one of the most common issues for almost every person today. Stress can be caused by anxiety, frustration, fear, etc. People facing terrorism can suffer from very high stress. Terrorism destroys lives, infrastructure, and the economy, and seeing the destruction of the following can make people get stressed which can be very damaging to their health. Stress can be very challenging to coop with but proper care and involvement in healthy activities can make a person suffering from stress feel comfortable.


A person suffering from anxiety can face extreme nervousness, rapid heartbeat, fear, and panic. A patient with anxiety requires a lot of attention and good care to recover. Terrorism can be a cause of anxiety as well. People can fear losing their life, the lives of their near and dear ones, their businesses, and their job due to terrorism. Anxiety can be very dangerous even for the physical health of a person. It would be very difficult for a person suffering from anxiety to pass even for a single day comfortably.


Today, rumors and misconceptions can spread due to the propaganda of electronic and print media. People on social media can pass rumors or fake news to each other which can create misconceptions and make their minds ill. Most youngsters can involve in these misconceptions. Terrorism can lead to misconceptions and phobias in the mind of people who believe in the propaganda and don’t research themselves. Propaganda through electronic and print media is a part of fifth-generation warfare.

A War Tactic

Terrorism is also a war tactic. Terrorism can be a cause to lower the morale of people and destroy them internally. This internal destruction includes the destruction of the infrastructure and economy of a country. An act of terrorism can also be a false flag operation by one country to impose war on others.So, people facing such conditions should be on their guard and must act carefully and ensure the authenticity of the news they receive.

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