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Influenza A

Influenza A

We usually see different people infected by the flu. Many people suffering mild illness due to the flu can recover quickly. However, Influenza Virus can also cause death if not taken seriously.

What is Influenza

Influenza can be referred to as flu. Influenza or flu is one of the most common diseases, but, they can be very dangerous to health. It is a virus that can spread rapidly in whole areas, cities, and even continents. There are many different types of influenza viruses like influenza A, B, C, and D. Among them all, Influenza A is the most common type of flu.

Can Influenza Affect Only Humans?

Not only in humans but influenza also spreads in animals and birds. Humans can get affected by the flu, not just by other humans but also by animals. These influenzas can even kill animals and birds at a very fast rate. Viruses like H9N2 are very common in poultry products like chickens. The H5N1 is also an avian virus that affects birds.

Influenza A

While there are several types of influenza viruses, the most common is influenza A. Influenza can impose mild to severe health issues. This type of flu can even lead to death. There are furthermore subtypes of influenza A. Some subtypes of influenza A include H3N2, H5N8, H1N2, H5N2, and much more.

How Influenza Spreads

Influenza can spread at very fast speeds. A healthy person can affect by influenza by inhaling droplets spread around due to coughing or sneezing of a person suffering from flu. Using the clothes or used items of a person infected by the flu can significantly increase the risk of getting influenza as well. Mobile phone screens, accessories, or different objects people usually use can be spots where germs of influenza can be found. Eating food after touching these spots can easily enter the human body and can lead to viral infection.

How to Avoid Influenza Spread to

Avoiding influenza Virus requires some restrictions but it can help to stop its spread. If you are affected by influenza then try not to touch things that other people use. Do not spread litter, especially in public places. Washing hands and taking showers can help you to clean germs from your body. Use separate crockery items and do not leave food, if you do then keep it away from others.

If you are not a patient of influenza but there are some around you then avoid using their items. Do not eat their leftover food and keep their crockery items separately. Keep a safe distance from them as it may help to avoid inhaling vapors from sneezing or coughing of a person infectedwith flu. Vaccines are also very good to stop the spread of viral infections.

Affects of Influenza on the World

Influenza can affect the world population in different aspects. If not taken seriously, a virus can become an epidemic and even a pandemic that can spread into the entire world. Pandemics and epidemics not only affect the health of people but, also affect the economy and the way how people live.
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