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Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things

The world is changing rapidly and new technologies (like IoMT) are appearing on the regular basis. We are using many of these technologies to make our lives easy. The purpose of IoT (Internet of Things) is to make our lives even easier than before. We’ll explain in detail what is the Internet of Medical things, but first, you need to understand what is the Internet of things.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things or simply the IoT is a modern system of technologies. The purpose of IoT is to connect all the devices, through the internet, with each other to make a network. This network will help people to stay connected with their smart devices, smart appliances, and services so that they can control them anytime and from anywhere. Let us clarify this Internet of Things with an example.

Suppose you are at your working place and remember that you left the AC on. Now, you’ll have to go back to your home and turn the AC off manually. However, with the use of the internet of things, you can turn off the AC through a mobile phone application. This is a very useful technology and its use is increasing day by day.

Internet of Medical Things

If you have understood the concept of IoT, then understanding the IoMT might not be much difficult for you. The reason behind this is that IoMT has the same principles as IoT Technology. In simple words, when you Imply Internet of Things technology in medicine, then it becomes the Internet of Medical Things. It is a very useful method that both physician and patient can avail of. Moreover, the IoMT is growing very rapidly due to the advantages it provides.

Uses of IoMT

The Internet of Medical Things is getting more famous is useful with each passing day. The RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) helps physicians and experts to monitor patients even if they are thousands of miles away. In hospitals, several devices are connected which helps to improve the overall infrastructure of the department. The IoMT devices also help in the treatment and monitoring of patients. Some wearable devices can make IoMT networks as well. These devices can measure vital organs like heartbeat etc and can send signals in case of a significant change.

Advantages of IoMT

The IoMT has some significant advantages. One is that by using IoMT technology, it becomes very easy to monitor patients and increase the quality of their treatment. Another thing is that patients can consult with physicians thousands of miles away. Moreover, IoMT can decrease the amount of cost of treatments.

Disadvantages of IoMT

Although internet technology has brought a revolution in every field of the world, it surely has some downsides as well. The biggest concern about the Internet of Things and ultimately the Internet of Medical Things is privacy. Though different privacy security methods are appearing still the risk of hacking is high. Hacking is one of the biggest issues about all the internet relative technologies in the world.
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