Ways to Lower the Risk of Dementia and Memory Loss

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Ways to Lower the Risk of Dementia and Memory Loss

Ways to Lower the Risk of Dementia and Memory Loss


The latest study in China revealed that you can lower the risk of falling into dementia and decline of memory by following some good habits. Dementia is a general term that is referred to the weakness of memory. Our brain usually becomes weak as we age, which results in a memory decline. In this study, over 29,000 participants took part. This study showed 6 different ways how to reduce the loss of memory and risk of dementia. According to this study, these 6 methods are also fruitful for those who are genetically more vulnerable to dementia and memory loss. The study lasted from 2009 to 2019, and during this time, many people were excluded from the research due to different reasons. However, experts analyzed the available data and provided a conclusion.

Exercising Brain and Body

As we know, exercise is a very important element in spending a healthy life. It is not just beneficial for physical health, but it improves the functioning of the brain as well. According to this study, exercising regularly decreases the risk of dementia and memory loss. Physical activities and brain exercises like reading or playing came to have improved the health of the brain and showed positive results in this regard.

Social Contact

This study also revealed that maintaining good social contact with family, relatives, and friends is very good for preventing loss of memory. Experts suggest that engaging with these people twice a week can help to keep the brain healthy. The happily you live with others, the more positive effects you’ll experience in terms of mental health.

Good Diet

A good diet helps to keep the body and brain, both healthy. According to different sources across the web, a high-fiber diet is beneficial to lower the risk of dementia and loss of memory. These researches suggest that people who consume a high-fiber diet have a healthy brain compared to those who consume lower amounts of it.

Avoiding Alcohol and Smoking

According to this Chinese research, people who smoke regularly or consume alcohol have a higher risk of loss of memory and dementia. It is already clear that these two things are the main factors behind cancer cases. Moreover, these addictions impose an overall negative impact on the brain which can even result in damage to the brain and loss of ability to remember things.


In the end, we came to know that this study tells us that eating a good diet, the exercise of body and brain, maintaining good social contact, and avoiding alcohol and smoking, are 6 ways which are playing a vital role in keeping a good memory. Some western research suggests that memory loss is based on a diet while others showed that it is more based on physical and mental exercises. Overall, the impact of this study is very positive as there is a link between a healthy diet and the brain. The study teaches that maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is free of smoking and drinking makes life easier in older ages.
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