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Metformin is the first ever medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes by lowering the level of glucose released by the glucose. mainly in the people who are suffering from obesity. It is also a medicine for females suffering from PCOs. It is usually sold with the brand name Glucophage. It is also key for regular weight loss.

it should be taken with proper diet and exercise because it controls blood glucose levels which is a reason for different problems in the body like kidney damage, weakening of eyesight, loss of limbs, nerve problems, and sexual function issues.
The concept of most people is that it is only used to cure type 2 diabetes. But it also helps to remove stubborn fat layers from the body.

It is not manufactured for weight loss but physicians found a strong link between these two i.e this medicine and weight loss. Because there is also a strong link between healthy body weight and blood glucose level.

The concept is simple if our body daily takes that many calories which is the requirement of our body. Then obviously our blood glucose level is according to the requirements of the body. If we take daily a required amount of calories this helps our body to maintain healthy body weight. If someone doesn’t have healthy habits then taking metformin will not result in weight loss.

As with benefits, everything has also side effects. The use of metformin can cause vitamin B12 deficiency which ultimately causes sore tongue, muscle weakness, and vision loss.

Some people with weak immunity may not tolerate the dose of metformin so it is important to concern with the doctor before use. To reduce the risk of side effects start with a small dose and gradually increase the dose.

Take the medicine daily at the same time for effective results.

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