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Mobile Health

Mobile Health

We are using smartphones in every field of life. Wherever we go, whenever we go, we usually take smartphones and devices among us. These smartphones and smart devices are offering some very useful services and mobile health is one of them. Besides its usefulness, mhealth services also have some cons. You can read this article to get some knowledge about it.

What is Mobile Health

Health is an emerging technology that aims to ease the lives of people who are suffering from health issues. This technology involves the use of mobile and smart devices in the field of health. Modern mobile phones and devices like laptops and tablets offer a variety of digital features and applications. We can use applications specially designed for healthcare purposes using these devices.


Mobile Health services demand smart devices like smartphones and tablets. These devices allow us to download healthcare apps or access online healthcare services available on the internet. Other components of mobile health services are smart wearables like smartwatches, blood pressure monitors, etc. Patients can instantly get some useful knowledge about their diseases and can also get advice regarding the treatment of their diseases from health applications.


Some remarkable advantage mobile health provides us is access to health services all the time and everywhere. We can contact physicians and doctors without going anywhere through these smart devices. Patients can take online appointments and consultations from their homes using health. Mobile health also saves a lot of cash as we don’t have to travel long distances. Smart wearables can constantly measure the health condition of patients and can send emergency signals of any significant change like heartbeat or blood pressure in the human body.


Although it has a lot of pros, it certainly has some cons as well. One of the biggest concerns regarding it applications is privacy. People have to send a lot of personal data to figure out the right information about their health issues, but it can endanger their privacy. Moreover, it is still a question whether mobile health apps can accurately figure out health issues or not. Another thing is that not everyone can access health services. Those people who can not afford to have smart devices or don’t know how to use health services can not avail the advantages of mobile health services. Last but not least, people can not use online health services in case of the unavailability of the internet.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Health services are getting popular with each passing day, mainly due to their ease of use. No doubt, mhealth services are very useful for some of us but users have some responsibilities as well. They should be very careful while providing private data to these mhealth applications. Another thing is that they should not just rely on these applications but should consult with a good physician as well to get a high-quality and accurate treatment for their disease.
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