Obesity and Overweight

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Obesity and Overweight

Obesity and Overweight

Obesity and Overweight

Obesity and overweight are two terms with the same meaning. If your body contains an abnormal or excessive amount of fat then you are overweight. If the fat inside your body is greater than a specific limit then you are obese. Obesity is a serious issue and it can also cause several diseases and even death.


Differentiating overweight and obese is not difficult. Interestingly, they are the same but represent different amounts. The only difference is that if your BMI index is between 25 to 30, you are overweight. If your BMI is higher than 30, then you are obese. BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it involves mathematical calculations to give an idea of whether your weight is right or not. The BMI is not very accurate but it is useful to give you a rough estimate of your weight which can be helpful for you to stay healthy.


The biggest factor behind being overweight or obese is the excessive amount of fat. We gain fat by eating more and doing fewer physical activities. In simple words, we consume food and gain calories. These calories help us to perform physical activities. Unburnt calories in our body turn into fat. So, when we gain more calories and spent less more calories become fat. A larger amount of fat increases the mass and thus causes overweight and obesity.

Results of Overweight and Obesity

Being overweight or obese can cause serious health issues. Obesity causes high blood pressure, Excessive amounts of fat can physically compress the kidneys in your body which results in high levels of blood pressure. It can increase LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL cholesterol. Obesity causes type 2 diabetes as well. In an obese person, a high amount of substances can be found that can cause insulin resistance. Due to insulin resistance, a person may fall into the disease of diabetes. Obesity is a cause of heart disease as well. An obese person usually has large amounts of blood which can impose more burden on the heart and can affect its functioning. This can lead to heart failure.

How to Control Overweight or Obesity

Losing weight requires you to burn some fat in your body, and burning fat requires some toughness and dedication. First of all, get a diet plan from an expert. A diet plan can help you by prescribing food that offers fewer amounts of fat. It can help you to get control of the growing fat in your body. Secondly, involve yourself in physical activities like outdoor sports, exercise, etc. You can also join a gym as well where you can find trainers and machines that can help you control and get rid of being overweight and obese. Walking and running are also very beneficial for health and can be very helpful for burning fat. Lastly, you can contact a specialist and can have surgery. Surgery is a short but useful method that can help obese people by significantly reducing their weight.
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