Diseases Due to Lack of Physical Exercise

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Diseases Due to Lack of Physical Exercise

Diseases Due to Lack of Physical Exercise

All of us are familiar with the importance of physical activities in our life. Activities like waking and exercise are not just vital for our physical, but for our mental health as well. However, staying inactive can raise the risk of falling into several serious diseases. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the most common illnesses that can be caused by staying inactive for a long time.


One of the biggest illnesses that are caused as a result of physical inactivity is obesity. When you eat food, you gain calories that need to be burned, otherwise, they’ll become fat and can cause obesity. Physical activities like walking or exercise allow you to burn large amounts of calories and even fat.

Heart Diseases

The inactivity causes the growth of fat in your body. Some of these fatty materials can buildup in your arteries which can disturb the flow of blood in your body. If these arteries block up, they may damage your heart and can lead to a heart attack. However, physical activities can prevent fatty materials from growing into arteries.

High Blood Pressure

When fatty materials grow in arteries, they disturb the free flow of blood arteries. This can cause a rise in blood pressure. Physical activities allow the proper flow of blood in your body and it also prevents the building up of fatty materials in arteries. This helps to maintain the blood pressure in your body.


A stroke happens when the flow of blood blocks in part of your brain or when the blood vessel bursts. This can be a result of physical inactivity. Regular physical activities like walking and exercise can lower the risk of stroke.

High Cholesterol

When you leave regular exercise or similar physical activities, your body gives up producing HDL cholesterol. Moreover, your body does not remove deposits of bad cholesterol from the vascular system. The exercise helps you to stimulate enzymes that help to move LDL from the blood to the liver. Further, the cholesterol is converted into bile for digestion.

Type 2 Diabetes

Just like obesity, physical inactivity is also a major factor that causes type 2 diabetes. The fatty acids in your body decrease the sensitivity of insulin. A large amount of sugar in your blood can cause insulin resistance which eventually results in diabetes.  activities and exercise help you to decrease the amount of sugar in your blood and can prevent insulin resistance.

Depression and Anxiety

As we know the consequences of leaving physical activities, we’ll now describe some mental issues that can be caused by laziness. Depression and anxiety are linked to inactivity. Inactivity does not just makes us physically weak, but it negatively affects our brain as well. It usually happens due to unused energy that turns into physical tension. Without proper care, it can become a mental tension. So, it is important to involve in healthy physical activities like indoor and outdoor sports and exercise regularly to stay both, mentally and physically, healthy.
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