Pneumonia, Causes, and Treatments

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Pneumonia, Causes, and Treatments

Pneumonia, Causes, and Treatments


Pneumonia is an infection that causes inflammation of one or even both lungs. It is a condition in which the lungs fill up with a kind of fluid or pus. The three most notable types of pneumonia include viral, bacterial, and mycoplasma pneumonia. People suffering from this disease can take some time to completely recover.

Causes of Pneumonia

There are more than different causes of bacteria and they have been grouped accordingly. The most common way viral pneumonia spreads is through sneezing or coughing of infected individuals. Touching the pneumonia germs from an object and then eating with these hands can lead to pneumonia infection.

Bacterial pneumonia can be caused by flu or cold as well. The normal flu or cold infection can turn into pneumonia. This happens due to the weakness of the immune system in the body.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

There are some specific symptoms of pneumonia.The most common is the appearance of mucus when you cough. Chest pain and fatigue are also some big symptoms of Pneumonia. These symptoms also include fever, chills, sweating, etc.

Foods to Eat and Avoid in Pneumonia

Eating a protein-rich diet can help to fight inflammation in the body. These protein-filled foods include almonds, peanuts, beans, cold-water fish, etc. Drinking a good amount of water can also help you to lose mucus.

Besides eating, you should avoid some foods as well. You should not eat salty foods because they contain sodium which can cause fluid retention. Leaving processed meats, soda, and Fried food can also help you to recover from pneumonia much more quickly.

Diagnosis of Pneumonia

The most common way of pneumonia diagnosis is an X-ray of the chest. Blood tests like Complete Blood Count (CBC) are also used to determine whether your immune system is fighting a disease or not. The pulse oximetry measure is also a way to determine the presence of pneumonia. The lungs pump less oxygen into the blood when they suffer from pneumonia. By determining the oxygen levels, experts can suggest whether the patient has pneumonia or not.

Treatments for Pneumonia

Using antibiotics is one of the most common treatments for pneumonia patients. They are used to treat the bacterial type of pneumonia. Antibiotics are used to kill the bacteria and make them unable to replicate which gradually reduces the symptoms of pneumonia.

Cough medicines can be useful for patients with pneumonia. Besides this, pain relievers can also help in the treatment of pneumonia patients.

Ways to Avoid Pneumonia

The best way of avoiding the danger of pneumonia is a vaccine. Vaccines can help to make antibodies in the immune system which can fight pneumonia infection when germs enter the body. Avoiding smoking can help the lungs to perform better which can make them resistant to certain illnesses. Consumption is also a factor that can cause pneumonia in different ways. Leaving it can significantly improve the health of people suffering from pneumonia. Moreover, eating well and living well increases your immunity which helps you to fight off diseases and recover quickly.
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