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Hi tone Skin Whitening Bar

Kojic Acid is known for its best whitening and antioxidant properties. It helps lighten the dark spots with its skin whitening formula due to acne, age spots, freckles, sun damaged Skin and other pigmentations.

Hi Tone Beauty Soap is a special delicate soap enriched with Platinum powder and herbal extracts, it revitalizes the skin and maintains the skin’s natural elasticity. It helps in cell renewal and has anti-wrinkle and skin whitening properties. After all, it brightens the complexion to reveal fresh, smooth and radiant skin, naturally!


Use Luke warm water, gently rub Hi tone beauty product on skin until a rich lather forms. Cleanse affect area as you would with ordinary soap and pat dry.

Whitening soap Ingredients:

Kojic Acid. Dipaimitate

Cucumber Extract

Vitamin E

Aloe Vera


Avoid the lather to enter in eyes. If lather enter in eyes flush your eyes with water. In case of skin irritation, discontinue Hi tone beauty product and consult your doctor.

Keep the  out of reach of children.

For external use only store below 30°C

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