Impacts of Smoking

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Impacts of Smoking

Impacts of Smoking

Smoking can have adverse effects on your mental and physical life. Tobacco can be found in different forms like cigars, cigarettes, etc, but all of them can be responsible for some very serious chronic diseases.

Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease occurs when your blood vessels become narrow due to plaque or blockage by blood clots. Smoking can increase the amount of plaque, thicken the blood, and even causes blood clots inside veins and arteries.


If you are smoking regularly then you have double the risk of suffering a stroke than a normal person. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and also increases blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major factor behind the stroke.

Lung Diseases

Smoking increases the risk of lung disease by damaging the airways and small air sacs in the lungs. These small air sacs are also called alveoli. Smoking regularly can cause COPD, a list of different diseases that causes airflow blockage and breathing problems.


People who smoke regularly have a 30 to 40 percent higher risk of diabetes than a non-smoker. This happens because smoking release nicotine, a chemical found in tobacco, which reduces the ability of insulin to carry blood sugar to cells by making cells ignore the insulin. This leads to excessive amounts of glucose in our blood which increases the risk of diabetes.


Chemical from cigarettes damages the DNA and make it difficult for cells to repair the damages. These chemicals also damage the parts of DNA that protect us from cancer. Poisons from cigarettes also affect the immune system’s ability to fight off cancer cells.

Mental Issues

People usually smoke so that they can feel better temporarily, but they should know that they are destroying themselves. Smoking is also responsible for increasing mental issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and some others as well.

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