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Snoring is the harsh sound that is produced when air passes through the relaxed tissues of our throats. It is noisy breathing when you are sleeping. Commonly everyone snores now and then but some people have severe problems with snoring.

 In the past years, people thought that if someone is in deep sleep then he starts snoring but snoring is the result when air can not pass easily through the nose and throat. If the throat tissue gets too much relaxed and does not get enough oxygen the person also starts snoring.

  On average women or 17 minutes a night and men snore 22 minutes a night. The reasons for snoring may include obesity, nasal problems or it may be inherited issues.

 There are many causes of snoring but we will discuss here some of them.

 Alcohol consumption If a person takes alcohol on daily basis They will tend to fall asleep faster than the other ones but it will lead to snoring. Because alcohol consumption lowers the oxygen level in our body which results in difficulty in breathing and leads to worse snoring.

 Nasal Problems if you are going through any nasal infection like sinuses, nasal congestion, or any nasal destruction it will lead you towards snoring. But first, you have to know the root cause of your nasal problem.

 Sleep deprivation occurs when a person does not take proper sleep or sleeps less than 8 hours in a day. Sleep deprivation is also a cause of harsh snoring because of changes in our sleep schedule.

 Sleeping Position also plays an important role in sleep. If you are not sleeping by your side or your head is not in a good position it will lead to snoring.


 If you want to get rid of snoring you have to take the following steps to stop those bad habits which lead to snoring 

 , for example, if you are overweight try to lose weight. If you take alcohol try to quit it. Make sure to take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Always try to sleep by your side if you have any nasal issues consult with the doctor to get a better treatment.



Snoring is dangerous so try to minimize it ay be day Snoring can lead to a severe heart attack, Stroke, or any other health problem. It also causes disturbance to the person near you.

 Snoring can also be caused by keeping the mouth open during sleep try to take the breath from the nose to avoid snoring. You can also use a nasal dilator. Try to take a hot shower before sleep.
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