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Chronic diseases are a class of diseases that can last for a very long time. Some chronic diseases, whose treatments are still under development, can last with patients for the rest of their life. However, it is possible to control or treat chronic diseases through medication and changes in lifestyle. Chronic diseases may have minor or unnoticeable symptoms in the beginning, but, they can be very...

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Different diseases are common at different ages. However, children are usually more vulnerable to several illnesses because they have a weak and under-development immunity system. Some illnesses in children are so common that almost everyone has experienced them at least once in life. Sometimes these diseases are left to treat on behalf of the body. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the most c...

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Pneumonia Pneumonia is an infection that causes inflammation of one or even both lungs. It is a condition in which the lungs fill up with a kind of fluid or pus. The three most notable types of pneumonia include viral, bacterial, and mycoplasma pneumonia. People suffering from this disease can take some time to completely recover....

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Some diseases in this world can spread from one person to another. These diseases can be very damaging to the physical and mental health of a person. Some of them can even cause death. There are several precautionary measures you can do to try to keep yourself safe. In this article, we’ll try to explain what are communicable diseases, how they spread, and how to avoid them. How Communicable D...

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Last week, the opioid epidemic was declared a ‘public health emergency’ in the United States, but what are opioids, and why is the way they interact with the human...

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