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In the past, people had to visit doctors and experts to discuss their health issues and get good advice. Today, the use of technology is changing these trends. Patients now can get advice and treatment from doctors through online means without going anywhere. This technological advancement refers to the term Telemedicine. We’ll explain in detail what is telemedicine, its advantages, and its types in the following article.

Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has a lot of remarkable advantages for both the physician and the patient. With telemedicine technology, patients don’t have to go to the doctors. In case of an emergency, the patient can immediately get some pieces of advice from experts in very little time. Those patients who can not go to a clinic or hospital can receive treatment for their diseases remotely even if they are very far away.

Virtual Monitoring

Conventionally, might get very difficult for a doctor to monitor several patients at the same time. Moreover, a single person can not monitor all the patients all day long. However, due to telemedicine, patients can not just consult with a physician online but they can also receive monitoring remotely. Virtual monitoring also allows doctors to monitor several patients simultaneously with very less effort.

Real-time Interactive Services

In real-time interaction services, a patient can consult with a physician through an online video session and get bits of advice. A physician can diagnose a patient through real-time interactive services even from thousands of miles away. These real-time services are very useful in energy conditions where a patient needs immediate treatment.


Store-and-Forward is a branch of telemedicine. It is a process in which the data of a patient, through electronic means, is sent to other sites or specialists for evaluation and diagnosis. For example, a picture of a serious wound can be sent by a junior doctor to a senior consultant. This mechanism allows a patient to get much better and more reliable treatment.

Virtual Pharmacies

Just like online shopping stores, online pharmacies are available where you can order medicines you need for your treatment. With virtual pharmacies, a patient can order useful medicines instantly. These pharmacies can deliver essential medicines to your doorstep. Moreover, in case of lack of a medicine in another store, you can instantly get to other pharmacy websites and order medicines from there.

Telemedicine Apps

There are a lot of Telemedical applications available on the internet. From these apps, you can find doctors and experts for diagnosis, consultation, and prescription of medicines you need for the treatment of your disease. Some applications also allow you to consult with your physician through live calls and sessions.


Although telemedicine is a remarkable advancement in the medical field, it does not completely provide a solution for every health issue. In some cases, you’ll still have to visit a hospital or clinic but it does have its advantages. Visiting hospitals and clinics allows you access to some of the most useful utilities like operation theatres, emergency wards, and other health services.
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