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Tobacco is one of the most common types of drug people use worldwide. Those who are suffering from tobacco addiction can not comfortably live without it even for a single day. However, it is possible to get rid of it forever.In this article, we’ll explain what is tobacco, how people use it, and how to get rid of it.

What is Tobacco

Tobacco is a product obtained from a planet whose leaves contain a chemical called nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical and it can be found in cigarettes, cigars, and some chewing products as well. There are positive as well as negative uses of this drug. However, it is being widely used for smoking which has several dangerous side effects.

How People Use Tobacco

Tobacco is being used as a drug all over the world. Tobacco is a main component in smoking products like cigarettes, cigars, and some chewing products as well. These products can cause very strong addiction. Getting rid of this addiction can be very challenging. Long-term addiction to this drug can cause cancer, heart disease, and even death.

Tobacco and Health Issues

Tobacco can cause very serious health issues and is a major cause of dangerous diseases. Tobacco can cause cancer because it can make the immune system very weak.It also causes heart problems because tobacco can thicken the blood which can cause clots in arteries and blood veins. It also increases blood pressure and heartbeat as well. It can damage lungs by blocking airsacs which can affect breathing.

Positive Uses of Tobacco

Despite being a drug that can cause addiction, tobacco has some positive uses as well. Before its use in smoking products, tobacco was a part of some medicines.Even today, medicinescontaining tobacco are being used in the medical field to relieve the pain of patients.

Tips to Get Rid of Tobacco

Quitting the addition of tobacco can be a little tough but it is possible. A common way of treatment is Nicotine Replacement Therapy. You should consult a doctor about working on this therapy. Involvement in physical activities like indoor and outdoor sports can keep you from smoking. You can join a rehabilitation center where you can get counseling and an environment that can help you to get rid of smoking forever.

Advantages of Leaving Tobacco

There are a lot of advantages to leaving tobacco. When you leave tobacco, it can significantly decrease the risk of heart diseases like heart failure and heart attack. Avoiding tobacco helps to maintain blood pressure. After leaving tobacco for a long time, it can significantly decrease the risk of cancer as well.


At last, tobacco is responsible for several serious diseases. Moreover, a lot of people die due to the use of tobacco. It is vital to avoid it to spend a healthy and comfortable life. However, there are some positive uses of tobacco as well, so, we should play a responsible role in stopping the addiction to using tobacco and only use it for positive purposes.
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