Vitamin D Deffieciency/The Sunshine vitamin

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Vitamin D Deffieciency/The Sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D Deffieciency/The Sunshine vitamin

Vitamin d – popularly known as the “sunshine”

You may have recently found out that you are facing Vitamin D Deffieciency or know someone who is. It comes As a surprise for most people because they have never really had a problem before and Most of us believe that a low vitamin d3 level changes nothing and it will not be a problem For us anytime soon. Now let me tell you the the truth – vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are now a global public health problem. A conservative estimate Tells us that more than 1.3 billion people worldwide are deficient for vitamin d. So, In this video- we will talk about how vitamin d deficiency is a serious issue and why you Must take it seriously. Vitamins are considered essential nutrients Because either your body cannot make them or they are made in inadequate amounts. They Prevent negative health consequences or diseases and are vital for the optimum functioning Of your body. But vitamin d is special. Unlike other vitamins, It can be made by your body when exposed to the sun – hence the name sunshine vitamin. An estimated 80% of our total vitamin d in our body comes from the sunshine exposure Of our skins. Terms like rickets and osteomalacia are commonly Thrown around when you talk about vitamin d deficiency. But research and years of clinical Experiences has shown that the health consequences of vitamin d deficiency not only effects the Bone but has far reaching consequences for the whole body. Researchers have found an alarming number of health issues Due to Vitamin D Deffieciency, These include


  1. Skeletal diseases like osteoporosis
  2. Certain cancers,
  3. Obesity and cardiovascular diseases
  4. Autoimmune diseases
  5. Certain infections like covid 19
  6. Inflammatory bowel diseases,
  7. And mental issues including various psychological and cognitive disorders.


So, keeping that in mind – lets start from the very beginning – what are the causes Of a vitamin d deffieciency. The reasons vary from insignificant causes like inadequate Exposure to sunlight to more serious conditions like kidney and liver problems.


1 – Darker skin.

Melanin is what gives skin its color. Light-skinned People have less melanin than those with darker skin. Melanin is important because more melanin Means darker-skin and darker skin means natural sun protection. However, as lesser sunlight Permeates the darker skin dark skinned induciduals require at least three to five times longer Exposures to make the same amount of vitamin d as a person with a white skin tone. Research has proven that african maeircan population has a mean vitamin d deffieciency Than those of white americans.


2- Limited Exposure to the Sun

you may look out your window And see the sun shining and think that you are safe from this deficiency, but that is Not always the case. Even in sunny climates, there is an increased prevalence of vitamin D deffieciency. As industrialization has progressed – we tend To spend more time indoors. Most adults work indoors and wear more clothing during the Workweek, which leaves only minimal of their body exposed to sunlight for short periods, So they cannot meet their vitamin d needs through the sun alone. Even if you do have Some exposure to the sun, the total amount of vitamin d you can produce is affected by The season, time of day, ozone amount, latitude, and the number of clouds in the sky. Additionally, increased awareness of skin cnacers has led to incremental rise in use Of sun protective creams – which are known to halt the vitamin d synthesis process.


3- Being overweight or obese


Being overweight or obese may put you at risk For a vitamin d deficiency. A recent review of 23 studies showed that obese subjects had 35% higher rates of vitamin d deficiency compared with normal-weight subjects. While diet and Decreased sun exposure may have some impact on this, there appears to be an increased Need that cannot be met without a supplement.


4-  Malabsorption and unhealthy


Diet people who have nutritionally underwhelming And insufficient diets are at a higher risk of developing vitamin d deficiency. Also – people With history of previous gut surgeries, unhealthy guts and malabsorption syndromes -for example, Crohn’s disease or celiac disease) are often unable to absorb enough of the fat-soluble Vitamin d that even a healthy diet would provide.



5- Certain medications and other medical conditions


A wide variety of medications, including antifungal medications, anticonvulsants, glucocorticoids, And medications to treat aids/hiv, can enhance the breakdown of vitamin d and lead Vitamin  D Deffieciency. Also conditions like liver failure and renal Failiure interfere with the body’s natural pathways of synthesisng vitamin d. If you Are interested in learning about how our body synthesizes vitamin d and how vitamin d acts In our body – we’ll be uploading some members only content soon – so stay tuned For that. If you haven’t joined our channel as a member yet – consider doing so – it Supports us and allows us to bring you the latest and updated content. Well, now that we know why vitamin d deficiency occurs – we can now ask the question : what Are health risks of vitamin d deficiency? Looking back – in the mid-1600s : two gentlemen by the name of whistler and glissen, reported That children living in industrialized cities in great britain had short stature and had Deformities of the skeleton, especially of the lower legs – a disease well known today As rickets.


However ; it wasn’t until 1889 that physicians discovered that “sunbathing” Was important for preventing rickets. Since then, many other health benefits of vitamin D and risks associated with deficiency have been reported. Lets take a look at a few of these :


1- Skeletal Disease


Now this is common knowledge that vitamin d is important for your bones. But how exactly

That happens is as follows. Vitamin d enhances the absorption of the calcium and phosphorus

In your diet. Without it, only 10%-15% of calcium and phosphorus is absorbed. Thus vitamin D maintains the optimum blood calcium levels to enable your bones to remain healthy and Strong. Following this, vitamin d insufficiency leads To bone loss, osteopenia, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and eventually increased risk of fractures. Also there are vitamin d receptors in human muscle that have a direct effect on muscle Strength. This is evident from the fact that a severe vitamin d deficiency can cause myopathy Or abnormal muscle function which can cause muscle weakness and pain. Another advantage to correcting a vitamin d deficiency has been seen in decreasing knee And hip pain. A study of 769 randomly selected older adults aged 50-80 years found that moderate Vitamin d deficiency predicts the incidence or worsening of knee pain and possibly hip Pain over next 2 to 5 years.


2- Autoimmune Diseases


Auto Immune diseases are those disorders in Which the body’s defence mechanism misfires and starts acting out against the body’s Own cells. Now where exactly does vitamin d fit in the case of autoimmune diseases is Unclear, but there have been many researches that show a definitive link between being Vitamin d deficient and developoing autoimmine disorders. Now take for example type 1 diabetes (t1dm): in finland, the recommendation for daily vitamin D supplementation was gradually reduced from 4000 units per day in 1964 to 400 units per Day in 1992. During this period, the incidence of type 1 dm increased by more than 350% in Children aged between 1-4 years of age. Even more convincing data came in 2006, when finland  Authorities made it mandatory for all dietary milk be fortified with vitamin d2, and following  Which the incidence of t1dm plateaued and began to decrease. Similarly, current evidence supports that vitamin d deficiency increases the risk of  Developing multiple sclerosis and vitamin d supplementation alters the disease activity In people with multiple sclerosis. Also a review of studies shows that in people with Ms having adequate levels of vitamin d was associated with fewer relapses, also they Had lower risk of development of new lesions in the brain, had lesser disability and lesser  Disease severity. Additional they also had better long-term memory.



3- Cancers


Cancer is a dreadful word and unfortunately We are still struggling to fight it effectively. Year after year researchers have tried to Isolate the various risk factors that potentionally cause cancers in human bodies. One such risk Factor being studied is vitamin d deficiency. A number of studies have investigated whether People with higher vitamin d intakes or higher blood levels of vitamin d have lower risks Of specific cancers. The results of these studies however have been inconsistent. But These studies have suggested that there may be an association between an increased risk Of various malignancies for example, gut cancers, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, melanomas or Skin cancer and prostate cancer among people who are living far from the equator. The definitive role of vitamin d in these cancers is still to be proven. However the The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin d is being used to assist with lowering pain Levels in cancer patients and also improving their quality of life.



4- Cardiovascular Disease Also known as Heart Disease


The term cardiovascular not only refers to the heart but also to the conductive vessels That help the heart push blood to the whole body, namely– arteries, veins and capillaries. A review of six studies that included over 6,400 people found that patients with cardiovascular Disease who additionally had lower levels of vitamin d had more severe and advanced Diseases compared to those who had optimum levels of vitamin d. Vitamin d deficiency Is associated with an increase in hypertension risk that is high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia Also known as high cholestrol, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, Myocardial infarction or heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. The anti-inflammatory Effects of vitamin d may be the reason for this, and studies are ongoing to examine this Relationship.



5- Infections


It’s possible that maintaining adequate vitamin D levels could lessen the length and severity of upper respiratory infections and possibly Even prevent them. This was proven by a review of 12 studies, including 2,279 children. The Study found that children with lower respiratory infections (lrti) had significantly lower Vitamin d levels compared with normal healthy children. Also there was also a relationship Between the how low the level of vitamin d went and how severe the infection was. This is especially important is the current scenario of 2021. A latest study in israel

Had surprising results. The reserachers found that being deficient in vitamin d before contracting

Covid-19 has a direct impact on how severe the disease becomes and eventually how lethal It becomes. The study revealed that 26 per cent of people Who had a pre-infection deficiency of vitamin d died – compared to only 3 per cent of those Who had higher levels of vitamin d — a staggering difference of 23 per cent. While the researchers Do not point vitamin d deficiency as being the cause of death – it states that if vitamin D levels were low, the disease was severe and there was increased mortality in an independent Manner. Whether or not vitamin d supplementation helps in covid 19 is still under study – however The author of the study says its vital that people maintain a healthy level of vitamin D in their body, as it may help them fight against covid 19 infection.


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